EDU 4611 Clinical Teaching

Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program, consent of the Teacher Education Committee; successful completion of all requirements of Phase II of the Teacher Education Program, 2.5 overall GPA and passing scores on required TExES content area and PPR certification exams. The clinical teaching experience is the culmination and application of all educational coursework at Texas Wesleyan University. Students are required to demonstrate a thorough understanding of best practice strategies for the EC-12 classroom. The course consists of two classroom assignments over a 15-week period. Students must participate in all aspects of the public school system during this course. This will include instruction, assessment, classroom management, and professional communications in a public-school setting. Students must apply for clinical teaching during the semester prior to taking the course, successfully complete all Phase II requirements of the Teacher Education Program, pass all required practice certification exams, successfully complete any and all improvement plans arising from any fitness to teach report.


6 Credits