EDU 4328H Reflective Edu Seminar

Prerequisite: Undergraduate students in honors program only; 3.5 Cumulative GPA; Completion or concurrent enrollment in EDU-2100 and EDU-2341. This education honors course for undergraduate students in education provides intense and reflective emphasis upon school and cultural contexts for those who enroll in education study abroad programs. Assignments include journal readings, a synthesis paper, and a photo essay, web-based dialogue journal, portfolio rendition or similar project of important education questions answered during the study abroad program. This course is designed for departmental honors in undergraduate education credit in EC-6, bilingual or secondary education. It may not be repeated for honors credit. Six hours of Departmental Honors courses may be submitted for graduate elective credit in the School of Education graduate education programs. Approval for such credit is contingent upon Graduate Education Admissions committee.


3 Credits


Required: Completion or concurrent enrollment in EDU-2100. Required: Completion or concurrent enrollment in EDU-3341 or EDU-3342.