MUS 1116 Aural Skills II Lab

Prerequisite: Acceptance in the Music Department as a music major or minor or by instructor approval. Aural skills are the necessary practical skills related to the study of the Theory of Music, including dictation (melodic and rhythmic), sight-singing, keyboard application, improvisations, composition and learning to hear theoretical concepts in context. Daily participation is expected from all students. Daily drills will consist of exercises that will strengthen students' abilities pertaining to the above mentioned skills. These daily drills will take place at the beginning of class. Students who are not punctual will not have an opportunity to participate int eh drill. There will be no make-up session available for any of these drills should they be missed, In addition, mastering the skills studied in this course. Aural Skills II will build on those fundamentals which will prepare them for success in the more advanced Aural Skills III class and will prepare students for skills in harmonic dictation, melodic dictation, interval recognition, and sight-singing. The approach to sight-singing will be developed through extensive use of the Curwen hand signs and the use of the corresponding solfege syllables.


1 Credit


Required: Take MUS-1115.