Sequence of Events for the Master’s Programs in Counseling

  1. Be admitted to the graduate program (refer to admission requirements and procedures);
  2. Attend a new student orientation for the graduate program;
  3. Develop a graduation plan with their academic advisor;
  4. Read and sign an acknowledgement of receiving the code of ethics and agreement to be bound by the ethical standards during and after the Graduate Counseling Program. The completed form must be turned into the student’s academic advisor;
  5. Register for graduate work. Meet with the academic advisor before enrolling in classes each semester;
  6. For LPC and LMFT only: Apply for Master’s Comprehensive Exam while registered in Pre-Practicum (COU 6314);
  7. File application for graduation in the Office of Student Records the semester before graduation;
  8. Complete exit interview with academic advisor;
  9. Complete any remaining courses; remove all grades of “I” (incomplete);
  10. Attend Hooding and Graduation (refer to University Calendar for date, time, and place).