RDG 0312 Reading II Non-Native Speakers

This course is designed to extend reading processes and skills as part of the Linguistic Diversity Bridge Program. Placement is based on the approved reading exam. This course emphasizes academic language along with discipline-specific vocabulary and text structures. The course is taught as a reading workshop, using English as a Second Language strategies and with ample opportunities for application of strategies learned. Students enrolled in this course must demonstrate learned proficiency by receiving a grade of "C" or higher in the course and by passing an exit exam. This course does not fulfill requirements within the General Education Curriculum. Students who place into RDG 0312 are unable to enroll in the following courses: BIO 1321/1121, HIS 2301, HIS 2303, HIS 2324, PSY 1301, and POL 2311.


3 Credits


Required: Take RDG-0311 with minimum grade of C or take Placement Exam