ENG 4385H Sr Portfolio/Honor Sem in Writing

Prerequisite: ENG 1301, ENG 1302, and 3 hours of sophomore literature survey, and acceptance in the English Department Honors Program. An English capstone experience as final preparation for the workplace or graduate or professional school. Students will complete a professional dossier and prepare an electronic portfolio showcasing written work and reflecting on learning from academic work in the major. They will also-as participants in the Departmental Honors Program-have the opportunity to study a selected topic in Rhetoric or Creative Writing in depth and begin work on a two-semester thesis. The topic and content of the thesis will be determined by instructor and student interest. The seminar may be taught by one professor or team-taught.


3 Credits


Required: Take ENG-1301, ENG-1302 and 3 hours of sophomore literature. Acceptance into the English Department Honors Program.