ENG 3310 Advanced Writing

Prerequisites: ENG-1301, 1302, and 3 hours of sophomore literature, and 45 credit hours. Designed to build upon the sequence of outcomes emphasized in English 1301 and 1302, ENG 3310 is distinguished from first-year writing by the difficulty and length of writing projects ranging from resume and cover letter to extended research reports. ENG 3310 also offers more attention to style, grammar, and ethical documentation as writing strategies expected of upper-level students. Students will be encouraged to customize their assignments based on career goals and/or disciplinary conventions. They must also complete at least one formal oral presentation using presentation technologies and develop an online writing portfolio that could be used for internship, career, or graduate school applications.


3 Credits


Required: Take ENG-1301, ENG-1302, and 3 Hours Soph. Literature


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