BUA 6317 Data Visualization & Analytics

This course provides an introduction as well as hands-on experience in data visualization. It introduces students to design principles of creating meaningful displays of quantitative and qualitative data to facilitate managerial decision making. This course covers the principles and best practices of business data visualization. Data visualization is a powerful business decision support toolset and pervasively used in almost anywhere of business communications. Considering the new wave of big data analytics application, it will play a critical role in the business intelligence world. In general, this course four areas of contents: (1) quantitative concepts commonly used in visualization, (2) being able to generate commonly used in visualized communication, (3) large dataset visualization practices, and (4) effectively communicating visualization results. Tableau software package will be used in this course. Goals of learning to use Tableau include (1) getting familiar with concepts of data visualization, (2) being able to generate commonly used data charts using Tableau, (3) being able to choose proper data chart according to business intelligence goal, and (4) being able to interpret and discuss commonly used data charts.


3 Credits