BUA 6393 Internship

Prerequisites: Completion of 9 credit hours of 6000 level business course work with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher. An academic experience (pass/fail) that provides students with an opportunity to put classroom learning into practice. Students seeking a graduate internship experience must request and obtain supervision by a full-time faculty member within the School of Business and complete the University Internship Packet. Participation of non-US citizens is contingent upon eligibility to accept employment as determined by the International Programs Office. Placement into a graduate internship experience is primarily the responsibility of the student seeking the internship experience, and government mandated work restrictions may apply. Internship credit is generally not available for work performed as part of permanent employment.


3 Credits


Required: Take 9 credits; From Subjects ACC BUA ECO FIN HCA MGT MKT; From Level 6000; Minimum GPA 3;