Declaration or Change of Major/Minor

All undergraduate students must declare a specific major by the time 60 hours have been completed. A major or minor may be changed and a second major or minor declared by notifying the Office of Student Records.

Multiple Majors/Minors

Except as noted below, undergraduate students may major in more than one subject area. All degree requirements must be met for each major that is declared. If a student selects one major, two minors may also be earned. However, if a student selects two majors, no minors may be selected. The student will be assigned an advisor in each subject area. After completing the requirements for up to two majors or one major and two minors, a student falls under the requirements for earning “an additional baccalaureate degree from Texas Wesleyan University.”

To earn an additional baccalaureate degree from Texas Wesleyan University in another major, a student must complete an additional 30 hours in residency, 15 hours of which must be advanced hours (3000 or above). The student must fulfill the requirements of that major, including both major and required related requirement, with a minimum of 15 hours in that major.

Students declaring Liberal Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies as their major may not have a second major or a minor. These majors were designed particularly for working professionals seeking to broaden their skills and enhance their opportunity for advancement.

A major or minor change or declaration of a second major or minor must be done through the Office of Student Records.