MAT 0301 Intermediate Algebra

Prerequisite: As indicated by the Texas Wesleyan University Mathematics Placement Exam or satisfactory completion of MAT 0300. Fundamental operations, solution of linear equations, products and factoring, functions and graphs, ratio and proportion, exponents and radicals, quadratic equations, and simultaneous equations. Preparatory course for college level mathematics. Course grade will be "A, B, C, or F." Students who do not earn a grade of 70 or better will earn a grade of "F" in MAT 0301 and must retake the course at Texas Wesleyan. Students who pass with a grade of 70 or better will receive the "A, B, or C" grade and must enroll in MAT 1302 or 1304. This course does not fulfill the mathematics requirement within the General Education Curriculum. If transfer credit is received for MAT 1302 College Algebra or a subsequent mathematics course, no credit will be given for MAT 0301 Intermediate Algebra. Texas Wesleyan University will not accept the transfer of Intermediate Algebra (MAT 0301) for credit from any institution


3 Credits